Gotland All Weather Coat

coatNatalie writes:

Highly practical and versatile all weather Gotland Jacket.  This lightweight polyester taslan jacket is fully waterproof as well as breathable to 5000/5000mm and comes in a longer length girls’ fit as well as a shorter unisex model.

The unisex model is a very stylish yet practical coat. It has a fleece inner collar to keep out the cold, adjustable cuffs, a hood and most importantly for my little ones’ first day a preschool a name label!
When Max (aged two and a half) wore it for his first day at preschool he said wow nice coat! He said he was special.

I have to say its wearing really well. Easy to clean, folds down fairly small to keep in a bag and its by far the most tasteful waterproof coat my little one has had so far.

Some may think that £59 for a child’s coat is a little on the expensive side but I think it’s worth the money.


The Gotland All-Weather coat is available from Kozi Kids for £59.00