GOSH Nail Glitters

Alice writes:

Perfect nails are a wonderful way to make you feel fabulous even when you are pottering around the house in your most comfortable chunky jumper and winter jeans.  I love to have perfect nails and manicures, along with eyebrow shaping, are beauty treatments I could never go a month without.

The GOSH nail glitters I received to review, available exclusively from Superdrug, are rumoured to be a must have this Autumn/Winter.

They are also so quick and easy to use. With just an application of a clear base coat, a dip of your nail into the glitter pot and a quick brush off of any excess glitter back into the pot, you are good to go complete with a full set of glamorous nails.

I would suggest using this product before getting dressed for a night out as the glitter does tend to find its way onto your clothes, on my first attempt I ended up looking ready for spin on Strictly Come Dancing, but once you get used to using this product it becomes a lot less of a problem.  I would also recommend a coat of clear nail vanish over the top to hold the glitter in place, but this is not essential as it does stay on well with no top coat.

I was sent 03 Grey Moonstone and 11 Rose Quartz for this review; both are lovely colours and the sparkle is very subtle and looks beautiful as it catches the light.

I personally love the Grey Moonstone, which actually is less grey and more of a petrol blue colour; it’s so bold yet girly all at the same time.  I will, without a doubt, be buying some more of these glitter pots to add that extra bit of sparkle to my outfits this winter, I think the Purple and Dark Silver will be top of my list.

I really liked this product, it didn’t feel heavy on my nails even though it goes on quite thick, and the compliments I received on my nails also put a smile on my face.  It is not something I was use everyday as I found that taking the product off was quite time consuming and the removal of the glitter scratched my nails so I think prolonged use would begin to have a negative effective on the strength of my nails, however I would certainly keep using this product for special occasions



Allison writes:

As a big fan of all things sparkly, I could not wait to get my hands on these glitters.  Although, I was a bit sceptical thinking of the glitter nail polishes of my youth (cringe).  GOSH, however, seem to know just how to make your nails sparkle perfectly.

These glitters provide a WOW factor that make you want to dress up in order to look as good as your nails.  You get a very intense sparkle from this product, which is definitely eye-catching.  Perfect for a girls night out or special occasion.  They are even really easy to remove; which I did not expect.  Just your normal nail varnish remover wiped over and it’s gone; no need for scrubbing.

There are ten shades, which should mean there is something for everyone, although some seem a little more daring than others (but that goes for people too).  Make-up lovers will love this product, especially at such an affordable £3.99.


Kat writes:

These pots of glitter goodness come in 10 different shades for around £4. You apply a base coat, something for the glitter to stick to, and dip you nail into the pot ( which isn’t over filled so leaves plenty of room to move around), your finger comes out covered in glitter and you need to brush the excess of with a clean brush, and personally I would then apply a top coat. It took a few attempts to get it right but when I did it was perfection! I love sparkle and these were not so over the top that it looked tacky but just enough to be fun and pretty. I experimented a bit and think a full nail of sparkle would be perfect for party season but I also liked to use it for just a sparkly French tip. It wears fairly quickly, within a few days of full on mum wear; they can be very messy to apply until you have honed your skills! I would recommending getting a top coat to use just for these as sometimes you can get migrating glitter in the varnish or you could leave it without a topcoat, it wouldn’t last as long and feels very rough but if it was just for one night it wouldn’t matter very much. All in all a very good product that I have fallen in love with!


Louise writes:

I am by no means a nail varnish pro and don’t normally wear anything on my nails at all, but thought I would give these a go. Perhaps I didn’t do it properly, or well enough though. The colours were nice and certainly sparkly, but it just felt like dipping my nails into a pot of glitter. I didn’t really see what was so special about them and felt they were a little over the top and that the same effect could have been achieved by something obtained from the Early Learning Centre.

My daughter, however, loved them so much she covered herself and the living room in them!


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