Giant Pass the Pigs

Louise writes:

My kids love Pass the Pigs – it’s one of those great little games that has been around for years, is super simple and a nice little way of passing the time. When we were given the chance to review Giant Pass the Pigs they were overjoyed, and thought it was a brilliant idea!

It’s basically the same game but super-sized and really fun – the kids spent a happy few days throwing them around, though I have to admit it wasn’t always strictly following the rules. They went in the garden, down the slide, at each other’s heads…  there was even some talk about taking them down to the beach to play in the sea with them, which I put a stop to as although the pigs are robust, I’m not sure they’re that tough!

A really fun purchase, and although ours have stayed permanently inflated, they do actually come with a handy bag so travel well too!

Available for £14.99 from Winning Moves

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