Garden Quoits

Leanne writes:

The Quoits garden game came neatly packaged in its box, I struggled at first to find the instructions which I later found on the box.It is actually quite straightforward to assemble, and easy to get started.

Its a game for 2 or more players from 3 years upwards, where you throw the rope hoops over different scoring pegs. Each player takes turns to throw 4 rope rings over the pegs at the end of their they add their points and the next person takes their turn. The winner of the game is the first person to get 230 points (or 90 points for a shorter game).

I took it to a family get together and everyone throroughly enjoyed the game, My boys are aged 2 and 3 and they didn’t quite get the concept of the game but enjoyed trying to get the hoop over the red peg (25 points).

The game is very robust and solid, and well planned and clear with each post clearly marked as to what the score is.


Garden Quoits are available from Big Game Hunter for £15.99

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