Find Me a Gift: My 1st Scooter

Joanne writes:

The scooter arrived boxed with a small tool kit and instructions. Ours is blue and yellow and my husband easily put it together.

Our son is three and initially my husband fitted three wheels but we quickly discovered he required four wheels – the maximum. The scooter can be fitted with four, three or two wheels depending on the child’s needs and then reduced until they can easily scoot with it on two wheels.

It’s suitable from 2-7 years, is height adjustable and can be folded for ease when carrying, especially good when parent or carer has a buggy to push too! I would say though that until you have folded the scooter once or twice it does take a few goes to get it right, though that might just be us! Also the hub caps have come off a few times but are easy to put back on. It also has a non-slip coating on the footplate which appears to help little ones when standing on it despite the type of shoe they are wearing.

It seems robust and my son was able to steer it easily. He has even used it to have a go on the ‘boarding’ slopes at the park. It handled very well!

I’m sure with practice our son will soon master the four wheels and be requesting three or maybe even two before too long. It’s an ideal first scooter for boys and girls alike. The colour is nice and bright and should be easily spotted in twilight, although we’ve not yet taken it out in the evening.


My First Scooter is available from Find Me a for £29.49

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