Fay and Findlay’s friendship book

Louise writes:

This is fantastic. A really lovely idea and very well executed. Both of my bigger kids wanted this for themselves but I let Felix try it out as he is that bit older so is able to write in it himself, as are his friends. The friendship book is basically a book for recording details of your friends and what they like, how you know them etc. and it really is a sweet concept. It starts with a bit about you, where your child can fill in some information about themselves, what they like doing, what they want to be when they grow up, what animal they think they are most like (a ‘loin’ apparently) etc. Then they pass it on to their friends, and have their friends fill out the same about themselves too.

Felix took this into school and had a few of his best friends fill it out and they all really enjoyed doing it. It was quite funny listening to them discuss what to write and I think gave Felix a few pointers as to future chat up routines (“Can I have your phone number Lola?”), and hilarious to read back some of the answers (Oscar’s favourite thing was apparently shutting his brother in his room). His book still has a lot of spaces to fill in yet, which is one of the things I love about it – there is room to add a lot of friends.

At some point I think I will go through it and find photos of his friends to add to it but for now I love the fact that it’s something he has really enjoyed doing, and that he doesn’t yet really understand what a lovely thing it will be to look back on when he gets older. I am a bit of a nostalgia-lover myself but I would absolutely love to have had something like this from my childhood – that little glimpse into your life at that point and the people, and things that were important to you.
Really cannot recommend this highly enough – I would say buy one when your child is old enough to take control of it themself and be interested and proud of it, as it will be a lovely keepsake for the future. I am already planning on getting one for Iris and Dexter when they are a little older.


Natalie writes:

Absolutely love it! This is a take on the baby book but aimed at remembering your childhood friends. There is a section all about you, you age, address, likes, dislikes etc and then the same again for your friends.

Every parent that has filled it in so far has asked where I got it from and those children old enough to fill it in themselves have had great fun doing so. My 2 and a half year old son absolutely loves looking at it and talking about each of his friends.

I can’t recommend enough. I will be purchasing another one for my second son.


Available from www.fayfin.co.uk for just £9.99


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