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Michelle writes:

My children (10, 6) love having their photograph taken, so I knew they would enjoy helping me do this review.

From the initial first contact, Lenny (photographer) was very patient with me having to change the appointment due to work commitments and illness, and was very accommodating when I sent her a picture of a mark on my daughter’s face from her nose being cauterised which I wanted covering up during her editing session afterwards.

The studio is on an industrial estate, parking is limited, but seeing lots of other businesses nearby I am sure you could park in there if need be.  The building is being renovated by the looks of it; and was a bit off putting on entry.  Lenny met us at the top of the stairs and took us into her studio.  Having been to numerous studios in the past, it was a little basic, but once the door shut and we started to get into the session, I didn’t even notice.  It was nice to have her full attention and not stopping because of the phone ringing or someone interrupting.

fairylea2Lenny is very calm, patient and friendly and we immediately felt comfortable.

The children went first; having pictures taken, and at one point I had them moaning at each other because one had more photos taken than the other.

Lenny took a range of photos of the children (and us), in a variety of poses, coloured backgrounds and using props, and talked to us about other shoots she does; there are photos on the wall so you can see others as inspiration.  Offering ‘smash the cake’ shoots for babies and toddlers, ‘trash the dress’ for women to wear their wedding dress in places like the beach / sea (after the event) – I’m not sure that one is for me and would have hated to trash my wedding dress.  As well as normal shoots that photographers do, Lenny also does ‘on location’ shots if you want them done in a field or other location.

Alexa dressed up to have some fairy shots done, something she has always wanted to do; using different props she had her photos taken ‘kissing a frog’, having a fake butterfly on her hand.  She was in her element!

fairylea3Lenny suggested having some photos done based on ‘in the attic’, which is basically old items such as pearl necklaces, feather boas, teacup and saucer, purses etc. all in a suitcase and letting the child go through and dress up however they want to – enabling her to be creative herself.  Lenny took some photos as she was dressing up and although it’s not really an idea I like in photos; it certainly was fun for her and was a great way to end the shoot.

Lasting an hour, the time really does fly by.  You are able to take a change of clothes and there is a changing area curtained off in the room.

Lenny had previously explained that the images would be sent to me on disc, copyright free so it’s up to me to print the photos off, which I think is perfect.  There is no hard sell like some companies and one fee and you get all of the images which worked out to at least 50!  Yes it means I have to now pay for them to be printed, but looking at the costing of the session I saved a lot doing it this way and not having to sit choosing my favourites (it’s so hard to choose!)

The disc came to me within 3-5 days after the shoot and every photo was amazing.  I got so many comments on how lovely the pictures were and how she had captured my children’s personalities so well.  We also now have a lovely family shot which I’m having transferred onto canvas, so I am really happy about that!

I would definitely recommend Fairlylea, for value of money, and overall experience.


Fairylea Photography is based in Basildon. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

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