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Helena writes:

I was given the opportunity to review some items from Easy2Name, a company specialising in labels, name tags and naming solutions for everyday items.

Easy2Name Stickeasys

Easy2Name stickeasys are name labels with adhesive backing that stick directly onto the care label of a garment.  I used this product to name my five-year-old daughter’s school uniform for the new academic year.   No ironing or sewing is required, and the item of clothing can be worn immediately afterwards.  The stickeasys are supplied as sticker sheets.  To use, simply remove the sticker from the sheet, taking care not to touch the sticky side.  Press the stickeasy firmly onto the care label and then the item should be all ready to wear.

I was sent white stickers with black typeset.  We used them in my daughter’s new school blouses, tunics, gingham dresses, cardigans, swimsuits and swimming hat.  I also stuck them to the insoles of her new shoes and plimsolls.

Overall, I found the product easy to apply, especially in a hurry, which I had to do a couple of times.  Two of the stickers have fallen off at school, but only ever on a cardigan with an unusual care label, so this must be the reason.  Everything else has been fine.

I would certainly recommend this product and I will use it again.  Even if I have to replace a few stickers as time goes by, I personally still find this far more convenient than sewing on name labels or paying to have it done.  There are some items of uniform that have not lasted us very long, and the stickeasys can be used instantly whenever something needs to be replaced.


Easy2Name stick on labels

Easy2Name stick on labels are larger than the stickeasys.  I was sent pink labels with my daughter’s name printed in white, which she finds very appealing.

The labels are for use on items such as water-bottles and lunch boxes.  They are microwave and dishwasher safe, as long as applied to a clean, dry surface.

We have used the labels on a book bag, ballet bag, lunch bag and water-bottle.  The lunch bag has been washed and the bottle goes through the dishwasher every night.  The labels have remained stuck and as yet I have not had to replace them.  Overall, this is a useful and very effective product, and I will continue to use and recommend the labels.


Jo writes:

We were given two types of labels to review for Easy 2 Name, the Stick Easy?s and the Stick on Labels.

Both types came in strips to be peeled off backing paper. The Stick on ones we had werea mid coloured blue and were very easy to apply and have stayed in place. I put them inside my son?s school shoes, on his lunch box and cup and PE kit bag etc. It?s fair to say the only one that has come off and needed replacing was on his cup. These come in different quantities, colour and sizes. I would be willing to order more.

According to the website: ‘StickEasy clothing labels are the simplest and quickest way of labeling all types of clothes. Simply peel from the backing and stick firmly to the care tag of the garment. Ideal for t-shirts, jumpers, underwear and jackets. Especially useful on things that can’t be ironed such as waterproof sports jackets. Machine washable and tumble drier safe. Packs of 60 or 120 labels.’ I would have to agree with the above. I thought they were fab and so much easier than faffing around with an iron or needle and cotton!

Initially I found them a little hard to peel of the backing without disturbing the others on thesheet too but soon got the knack of doing it and felt they are a great alternative. My son?s clothes have been washed, tumble dried and ironed loads and they have fully withstood all of it.

I can highly recommend these labels and will be ordering more.


Michelle writes:

I know my children are a nightmare and tend to lose things so easily, especially water bottles and cardigans and jumpers, so when we were approaching the new term, I was frantically labelling everything they possessed.  In the past, iron labels have caused me no end of grief and sewing really isn’t for me, especially with 2 children, meaning double trouble!

Easy2name, sent me 2 sets of labels to review:-

One is a stick on label which can withstand the microwave, dishwasher and steriliser.  I stuck one on my daughter’s water bottle, and tried (for review purposes) to pull off the sticker and I struggled to get it off!  The bottle has been washed several times and the label is still on and shows no sign of movement.  On the website you can choose the colour of the label which is an added bonus as my daughter is pink crazy, so is a nice touch that it can be changed and isn’t generic.

The small labels are around 52mm x 9mm and for 50 labels cost £8.95 or 100 at £11.95 + P&P

The other labels are every mother’s dream, a stick on label!  It attaches to the care label inside the clothing and is perfect for those hard to reach labels which you always struggle to get the iron too.  Just peel, and stick – simple!!  I have washed the clothes a few times at 40 degrees and tumble dried, and the labels are still firm in place, unlike some of the iron on ones which sometimes shrivel with the heat of the tumble dryer.

60 labels are £8.95 or 120 for £11.95 + P&P

As a mum of 2, I will definitely be placing a further order for labels in the future, although the labels are a bit more than I would normally pay, it certainly helps time wise and they look smart and long lasting and means no more iron burns or needle pricks on my hands.


Easy 2 Name Labels are available on their website


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