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Zingy Citrus handwash, bubble bath and shampoo


Claire writes:

I received the Zingy Citrus handwash, bubble bath and shampoo. Although the smell was quite pleasant, I didn’t think it was particularly citrusy. Sophie really liked reading about the characters on the bottle and that with the fun picture made her really want to use the products. The pump on the handwash delivered just the right amount, unlike most handwashes that dispense so much per pump that the bottle only lasts about a week. The bubble bath was almost like water in consistency, which I really liked as it came out of the bottle so easily and also meant I did not use too much. It made the bath really bubbly, which Sophie was delighted with. I have never really understood where the phrase ‘squeaky clean’ came from until I used the Earth Friendly Kids shampoo, it really did make Sophie’s hair so clean, it seemed to squeak as I was rinsing it! It lathered up really nicely too. I did have to use conditioner afterwards, but I think that is more due to the fact that Sophie’s hair is really fine and flyaway and picks up static unless I condition it every time it is washed. My eldest is prone to eczema with certain bath products and with others gets a nasty red rash all over her legs, she also used the bubble bath and shampoo and I am happy to report, suffered no averse effects from them at all.


Earth Friendly Kids Lavender Range, Nappy Sacks, Wipes, Daily Care Cream, Red Clover Diaper Cream & Mandarin Body Lotion

Joanne writes:

We received a box full of the Earth Friendly Baby entire range of products.

Mission Statement
The purpose of earth friendly baby is to create high quality, natural products that are healthy for babies, their friends and the planet – available at a price that everyone can afford. Earth Friendly Baby is committed to developing and growing a company that is, yes, profitable and successful, but environmentally and socially responsible as well.

Earth Friendly Baby advocates policies which serve to make this a better world for babies and their

That same night we used the Lavender Bubblebath and the Lavender Shampoo and Bodywash and I have to say they really were divine. The shampoo and bodywash was soft and soothing and the bubblebath created an abundance of bubbles much to my son’s delights! Both products created a silky smooth sheen to their skin. The smell was very calming and pleasing.

We have also used the nappy sacks which are large, blue in colour, nice and thick and come on a roll that you just pull off as needed….very handy to keep in your bag! They have the Earth Friendly details printed on them and tie handles to keep nappies tightly contained in them!

The wipes were very useful too and a welcome product. They were nice and thick and came out of the packet easily. I could have done with more!!!

We have used some of the Daily Care Cream too which smooths on easily and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it smelling rather lovely and feeling silky smooth.

The Red Clover Diaper Cream seems soothing on my Son’s bottom and has a ‘warm glow’ smell to it, it is thick and in my opinion a little too thick but does a good job of soothing babies little delicate skin and has reduced any redness he may have had.

I have been using the Mandarin Body Lotion which smells lovely too and once rubs in well and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

We still have more of the products to use but I’m in no doubt they will delver the same positive results the other products have.

I would highly recommend these Earth Friendly products to anyone especially to parents of young children.


Earth Friendly Kids Zingy Citrus Range & Wipes

Louise writes:

We reviewed the Shampoo and Bodywash, Bubble Bath and Handwash in the Zingy Citrus scent and have so far been impressed! Earth Friendly Kids products use natural and organic ingredients and do not contain sodium lauryl/laureth or any parabens which is obviously great when you’re buying bath products for the little ‘uns. My two loved the fresh, fruity scent and liked the orangey colour of the products too.

Shampoo and Bodywash: This has been a hit with us. My son is not fond of having his hairwash and has complained considerably less since using this, so I can only assume it doesn’t sting his eyes in the same way as some shampoos do (of course if he were to stop writhing around in such a contrived manner he wouldn’t get it in his eyes at all but you try telling him that). It’s also handy having it as a bodywash and shampoo as you can get it done pretty quickly, and I haven’t had to put conditioner on their hair since using it, which I assume is because it doens’t dry the hair out as much as some other products.

Bubble Bath: This isn’t the bubbliest of bubble baths but is still very nice and there have certainly been no complaints.

Handwash: The adults have been using this one as much as the kids and I for one do rather like it. It’s also really easy for the kids to use without getting it everywhere and the attractive orange colour goes some way to encourage them to wash their hands.

Each of these products is £3.99 for 250ml which seems like a really good price for something natural and organic. I would certainly buy them again if I come across them in the supermarket!

Wipes: When I thought about reviewing wipes, I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to have to say about them. My kids are both potty trained, so the perfect wipe isn’t as much of a big deal any more and even when it was I found I wasn’t that fussy – my main criteria were them being fairly cheap, wet but not too wet, not unpleasant smelling and… well, that they successfully wiped what needed to be wiped!

However, I was really impressed with these. A major selling point is that they are 100% biodegradable and flushable, which is brilliant – I used so many wipes in the past that were not flushable and it’s a bit of a pain when you just want to get rid of it but don’t have an appropriate bin nearby. I’ve been tempted to flush wipes many a time so it’s great to have some that you can. They are quite compact, which is great for the post-potty training handbag. I’m always forgetting to take wipes out with me, and often regret it when the kids get messy eating, or if there’s no paper in a public toilet. Most packets of wipes are fairly bulky, but these are a really handy size.

We’ve never had issues with allergies or sensitive skin so I can’t comment on that but we certainly had no problems from them either. The scent was pleasant and they were the right level of wetness. I think they are a little on the expensive side for wupes but as I don’t use them often these days I wouldn’t begrudge paying a bit more for something like this.


Earth Friendly Wipes

Tracey writes:

Upon receiving these compact pack of 60 wipes, I was interested to see how they would perform as they’re quite small. They are described as Organic aloe vera, flushable and 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. As a family, we all have sensitive skin so I have have to be very careful when choosing skincare and wash products for us.

The wipes are quite thin and one thing that is slightly annoying is that it’s hard to take just one wipe out of the pack, you end up with a string of them, a la Andrew Puppy! But they smell very pleasant indeed, even though they are fragrance free there is a slight smell but it’s lovely. They are soft and wet enough to do the job in hand, be it wiping bottoms, face or hands!

I even tried one out to remove my make up and well they are absolutely perfect for that, my face regularly stings using wipes but not with these, I’m so impressed with them.

At a RRP of £2.49 for 60, I think they are very reasonable too. Ideal to slip into your handbag on the go.

I’d love to try some more of the Earth Friendly Kids range, if their other products are as good as the wipes, thing they’ll gain a customer!


To see more about the Earth Friendly Kids range, check out their website at  Products are available from selected Waitrose stores and other wellbeing outlets.

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