Drynites Pyjama Pants

Jenny writes:
My son is struggling with night-time accidents and we have been using a cheap brand of pull-up nappy at night time although after trying Drynites Pyjama Pants we won’t be buying any more of the cheap nappies.

Regular bedwetting is very common for children of all ages.  Being dry at night is not something that you can teach your child and you must just wait until your child has the ability to control their bladder whilst asleep.  Bedwetting  is not a topic that is often discussed in the school playground and so it can be easy to think that you are alone in the struggle but with only 85% of children dry at night by the time they are 7 it is clear that there are many other parents in the same situation.  There are many ways of helping to deal of bedwetting to make it easier to manage and these Drynites Pyjama Pants are one way.

Drynites Pyjama Pants are so much softer than normal pull-up nappies on both the inside and the outside and my son said that were much more comfortable that a normal nappy.  The Pyjama Pants were not as bulky as pull-up nappies either meaning that my son was much more able to move easily in them making his night-time sleep more comfortable and this was clear when he walked in them as he didn’t do the ‘wet nappy’ walk but walked normally to the bathroom.  Both the softness and thickness of the Pyjama Pant mean that they are quite quiet and do not rustle or make much noise meaning that a child could wear these discreetly under their pyjamas when in the company of others such as at sleepovers with friends or even on camps with organisations such as Scouts or Brownies.

The Drynites Pyjama are available in three sizes for children and young people aged from 3 to 15, they are available in both girl and boy designs.  The fit of the pants was good on my son, he was able to run, bend and move easily and they were not too tight.  We also have not had any leakages overnight and my son is happy wear them.

I would happily recommend Drynites Pyjama Pants to other parents.

Visit www.drynites.co.uk for more information about Drynites products and advice on potty training and bed wetting.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if these have an indication on them to tell you if they are wet? The ones I used to get did; I know most of the time it is obvious but because they are still bulky in that area like a nappy sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s been a small accident.

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