Dry Bib bandanas by HipHipBaby

Jenny writes:

Why didn’t I buy these earlier!

My 7 month old son has always been a big dribbler.  I often had to change his top two or three times a day and his poor little neck always had little dribble spots.  I tried to keep him dry with continuous mopping and wiping but always failed.  I had seen many babies wearing dribble bibs but I did not believe that they would do the job!  How wrong was I?  I was so impressed with this product that I ordered several more!  They really are an excellent product!

The bib arrived quickly, easily and well packaged.  It did have a few creases in it but they very quickly dropped out.  The bib is very soft and backed with a soft fleece layer.  They come in many different designs and colours so can compliment almost any outfit.  They have two popper positions so can fit a smaller or larger baby and my son did not complain at wearing the bib all day.

There were times when the front of the bib was very wet to touch, however the dribble had not soaked the back fleece layer and therefore James’ neck and t-shirt were still dry and it did not take long to dry out.

The bib washes well and works just as well after a wash.

We get many compliments about the bib every time he wears it and I would definitely recommend it.


Available from Babykind – Various colours and designs – £4.99


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