Michelle writes:

Being a family who are always wanting to try something new, I was delighted when I received DRINKmaple to review. I was sceptical before tasting it, wondering what water made solely from a tree could possibly taste like but I was pleasantly surprised. My daughter was also happy to find such a great drink that was suitable for vegetarians! We all had a taste and found it to be a great alternative to coconut water which we are not huge fans of. You can get it in a big carton which is 946ml, a smaller more convenient carton which is 250ml and a 355ml bottle. I’d recommend the bottle as it has a screw cap lid on it so you don’t have to drink it all at once, plus you can take it out with you. We found this product to be refreshing and couldn’t get enough of it.


Melissa writes:

DRINKmaple is a new refreshing drink that is made with pure maple sap that is tapped directly from Vermont Maple trees in Spring. It has a one step sterilization treatment process from raw maple water sap to being bottled. It has 46 nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, electrolytes and prebiotics) and is rich in calcium and iron. It also has only half the sugar amount that is found in coconut water.

DRINKmaple comes in both carton and bottled style of packaging  and 3 different volumes. There is a 32oz carton which is about the size of a fruit juice carton. It is intended for multiple servings and stores easily in the fridge door. There is also a 250ml carton that comes with a straw which is useful single serving on the go drink or for a packed lunch box. The 12oz bottle is a handy size if you intend to bring the drink out with you for a longer period of time.

In terms of taste, it does taste like pure water with a slight hint of maple syrup. It is not overly sweet and the maple taste is quite subtle. It does taste nice at room temperature but has a even more refreshing effect when drank cold. I even tried making the Watermelon Mint Maple Drink Cooler that can be found in the recipe section of their website and that was a really nice drink in the warm weather we had.

All in all, I would recommend this product. It would suit people who are after another  variety  of drink and also people who are health conscious. It does not cost much more than the cartons of coconut water that is sold in supermarkets and has less sugar in it. It would also suit people who would like a healthy beverage but more taste than just plain water.

For more information about DRINKmaple and where to buy, visit http://www.drinkmaple.eu/ 

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