Dolly Daydream Rag Doll

Alice writes:

I’m a big fan of Rag Dolls, as a lover of all things vintage I find they provoke a great sense of nostalgia each time I see one.   The one I received to review from Dolly Daydream was no different. It was very well made and looks as if it will stand the test of time and the heavy fingers of my little lady.  It’s solidly stuffed and sits up well, keeping its shape when it is played with. And how cute is her outfit?

Looking on the dolly daydream website I found a wealth of other rag dolls to add to my little lady’s collection.  I love the fact each doll is handmade and can be tailored to your specifications, making them wonderful gifts for new babies, christenings and birthdays. They are slightly more expensive than the mass produced dolls in the shops, but knowing each one is loving handmade just for you, and that the dolls are desgined to last goes some way to make up for the higher price tag.

I would recommend a rag doll as a great present for little girls, my daughter received some wonderful ones when she was born and again for her 1st birthday.  The range of Dolly Daydream dolls is very good, and I would extremely happy if my new baby was bought a gift from this company.


This ragdoll and many more are available from the Dolly Daydream website and can be personalised and designed to your specifications.

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