Dispatches from the Dating Zone – KT Valentine

Sarah writes:

So I put my little boy to bed and got out this book to review; Dispatches from the dating zone. I must admit even though I don’t get much time to myself anymore to read, I was hooked on the book and read it at every nap time with a cup of tea and a biscuit and every evening after I put the little fella to bed.

It is written in such a personal way that if you can’t imagine yourself being the main character, Fleur Summers, you most certainly have a friend that is. She’s a single mum, size 14 with wobbley bits, thinks of herself as a bit of a plain Jane and although can stand up for herself, she is a softie at heart. I found myself really wanting this ‘Ms Average’ to have a happy ending. The book focuses on a string of awful first dates arranged by Fleur’s well meaning friends and relatives, a few second dates and some attempts at relationships. She meets a financially well off gentleman that just lacks the spark, she even ‘gives things a go’ with a dishy young man that falls flat in bedroom and her arrogant new boss just blows hot & cold so she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going.

KT Valentine cuts no punches with the language used so this book is not written for the prudish personality. It is written almost like you are having a chat with a girlfriend: maybe after alcohol consumption.

It is a fantastic, humorous read and I would recommend it.


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