Customised Story Books by Dani Crawshaw

Allison writes:
In my experience, personalised books are usually the same story with just the name of the character changed to suit the child it is being bought for. Dani Crawshaw, however, had a better idea.  She makes a hand-written, hand-drawn book that is tailored to your child, pet, family,  friend etc.  It’s a lovely idea that every element of a book is completely personal to its recipient. The story can be whatever you want it to be. You can tell the story of your child’s life so far; or a couple’s journey from first date to their wedding day. Or even create a magical world that your child and their friends can inhabit for a fantastic, imaginative story.  I’m sure most children would love to see themselves in their own special storybook. Dani creates a rhyming story that she writes from your anecdotes; ideas; imagination and adds illustrations which she draws from your photo’s.  So every book is a complete one off!

The books that I have looked at really seem to capture the relationship between the people involved.  One book she made for a wedding gift showed a personal story as two friends grew up and how one found her Mr Right. It has lovely personal touches from the friendship and details of the first date with the future groom that you just know will make this the brides favourite wedding gift.  You could not get a more unique gift!

I think this idea would be great to chronicle a family’s story from mum and dad meeting, up to the children being born.  It would just be a nice little reminder of how the family came to be.  The story can include special dates, (which let’s face it, will probably help Dads who never seem to remember dates i.e. anniversaries) and special touches, such as baby’s firsts.

This idea that Dani Crawshaw has made a reality can really offer you something so personal it will be treasured forever.

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