Cubby Kit

Louise writes:

Cubby Kit is a really interesting idea – you sign up for a subscription and every month a box packed with crafty goodies lands on your
doorstep. It contains everything you need to make themed projects with your kids, with simple instructions and some extra bits should you be feeling especially creative.

There are two packs available, a 3-4 years box, and a 5-6 years one. Felix is 4, but we opted for the 5-6 one, and it seemed suited for his age. Conveniently, given his current space obsession, this month’s theme was outer space, so he was absolutely in love with it the moment it arrived. A lovely touch is that the box comes addressed to the child, which he was totally thrilled by and told anyone would would listen that he got a Cubby Kit in the post, with his name on it.


Inside the box were envelopes full of materials for three projects:

1. Foam Rocket – an easy to assemble foam rocket with lots of stickers to add. He found this a little tricky in places and struggled with the double sided tape, but still enjoyed making it and seeing it come together. It’s soft enough to be thrown around the room whilst exploring the galaxy, and so far has withstood a number of missions to the outermost regions of the solar system.

2. Constellations Wall Chart – Felix decided he knew better than the instructions on this one and got started on it before we’d read what we were supposed to be doing so the wall chart itself was never really made. However, he really enjoyed joining the dots on the constellations and guessing what they were, and loved using the silver pen. I think one of the real perks of this kit is that you get a few things you might not think to buy yourself, so as well as being prepared for what you’re going to make, and not getting that ‘oh, we need a what?’ moment, they get a few things to try out that you might not have thought of otherwise.

3. Papier-Mache Planets – this was by far the favourite activity. The Sun, Moon and Earth to make and hang. Both kids were able to join in with this one and Daddy took charge of it over a couple of weekends as it took quite a while for them to dry! They were really thrilled with the result though and loved decorating them, and the fact that they are BIG. Haha.

At £19.99 a month, it’s not really a cheap option, but it’s great if you’d like to do more craft stuff with your kids but don’t always have the time or imagination to come up with new projects as it suggests things you might not have thought of, and does pack an awful lot of stuff into the box! My husband and I both enjoy doing things like this but tend to be more of the ‘here’s some paint and some stickers’ school of arts and crafts, and I found it a lovely way of being creative with a bit more focus. I’m really considering signing up for the subscription as the amount of enjoyment the kids got from it would definitely make the price worth it. You can cancel at any time so if the novelty wears off you’re not tied to a contract. Definitely a Cubby Kit fan here!


For more information on Cubby Kit and how to sign up for a subscription, check out their website.

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