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Louise says:

For fabulous maternity wear look no further than Crave! I reviewed the Embellished Neck Tunic and Straight Leg Black Pull-On Jeans and am pleased to say they are both fabulous items.

I’m only 10  weeks along so not really at the ‘proper maternity wear’ stage of pregnancy yet, but this being my third child and being on the… shall we say, curvy side, I’m already finding my normal jeans are getting a bit tight. I tried on my maternity jeans from my last pregnancy, which are of the over-the-bump variety and they fall down when I walk, so I was wondering if it might be a little early for these too. However, the maternity aspect to them is very discreet – they are under-the-bump ones and the only way you can tell they’re not normal jeans is by looking closely at the waistband where you can see a small amount of elasticated fabric. The jeans themselves are comfy and look great – very dark black and didn’t fade at all in the wash. I do wonder whether they will last me to the end of the pregnancy as even though I got a size bigger than my normal one they are a little on the snug side, but they’re certainly great for now and are a nice dress up/dress down option for day or evening wear. They’re also really very flattering – yes that is me in the picture above! Ahem.

The tunic top is just gorgeous. It’s embellished with beading round the neckline and is flattering but still comfortable. It feels lovely and well made and is a really floaty fabric which is also lined with a darker fabric inside to avoid the awful see-through top thing happening. It’s also a lovely length so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting as your bump expands and has the option of a tie round the waist or not. At the moment the tie makes me look a bit more pregnant than I am (which I think has more to do with my pre-pregnancy tummy than anything else!). It’s really nice for a night out but I think could be dressed down with blue jeans in the day time too. As it’s probably the nicest item in my wardrobe (including my normal non-pregnant clothes!) I think I’ll be wearing it as much as possible!

For me, the items are a little pricier than I would normally pay as I tend to be a bit of a skinflint when it comes to clothes, but the quality really shows, and if you were thinking of splashing out on a few key items rather than going for lots of cheap, fairly rubbish ones like I normally do, then this is the store for you!


Alice says:

As the months go on in pregnancy you are always looking forward to the next milestone, your 1st scan,  the end of morning sickness, the first flutters in your tummy and feeling those real big kicks to name but a few. Well about 2 weeks ago I reached the milestone I had been dreading, the day your normal clothes no longer fit! At 28 weeks I think I had done quite well to still be in my ‘normal’ clothes, but my trousers were getting harder to button up by the day and my beautiful tops were starting to stretch out of shape.

Being the lucky lady I am Crave Maternity sent me some lovely clothes to try out and review.  I was asked what clothes I like, and as smock top with leggings is my everyday look I opted for a maternity version of this.  The clothes on their website are very modern and in keeping with the season’s fashion trends, unlike some high street maternity ranges I have seen this summer that instantly turn you into a frumpy old lady as soon as you throw them on.

I was sent their Blue Print Jersey Tunic and a pair of their Full Length Black Leggings.  Both made from 95% viscose meaning they were both soft to the touch and flexible enough to sit nicely over my expanding frame.  The tunic top fitted very well, and this in turn gave my overall shape a boost as I was wearing a top cut to cling to all the right places unlike ‘normal’ clothes that don’t take into account the extra load you are carrying out front. The leggings they sent were cut to fit under the bump which I like as I’m not a fan of ‘over the bump’ panels added to the top of maternity clothes, however the waist band come up high on me and sat mid bump which was a little uncomfortable.  I think this may be due to my bump still being quite on the small size.  I’m sure as the weeks go and I edge ever closer to the 40 weeks mark, my expanding waistline will rise above the waist band and these will be the perfect fit.

There is a lot to be said to investing in maternity clothes, you may only be in them for a few months, but they will make you feel and look so much better the making do with stretchy ‘normal clothes’.  If you are only able to get a few maternity pieces to mix and match with your own clothes you already own, then a plain capsule wardrobe is essential. I would recommend the following;

(all can be found in the Crave Maternity range)

  • 1 pair of Jeans
  • 1 Pair of Trousers
  • 2 pairs of Leggings
  • 1 Black Dress (I find the wrap style especially flattering)
  • 4 Casual smock tops/Vest tops/T-shirts
  • 2 Smart Shirts/Tops
  • 1 Cardigan
  • 1 Coat

And lots and lots of wonderful accessories to add glam to your new found yummy mummy status!


Embellished Neck Tunic – £75.00 and Straight Leg Black Pull-On Jeans – £59.00

Blue Print Jersey Tunic – £60.00 and Leggings – £22.00

All available from Crave Maternity

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