Counting and Creatures CD

Jenny writes:

This CD is produced by Big Toe Audio Productions and is by Shirley Bignell and Colin Bowden.

The poems and rhymes on this CD are accompanied by percussion instruments to give a lively rhythm which can easily be copied and enjoyed.

The running time of this CD is quite short at only 14 and a half minutes but it includes a nice selection of rhymes and songs which either feature an animal and/or can be classed as a counting song such as Five Currant Buns and Two Little Dicky Birds.   The rhymes on this CD are taken from both British and Caribbean backgrounds and therefore although many of them are easily recognised, some are less well known including Ten Little green bananas and Mangoes.

The CD arrived quickly and although it was packaged inside a protective, padded envelope; the CD case was unfortunately broken when I opened it.

The colours used in the design of the CD cover are bright, attractive and very appealing to a very young child.  I did find the writing on the inside of the cover slightly hard to read as it looked a little blurry.

We excitedly put the CD in the player and I immediately noticed that it was a very clear recording and all the words could easily be heard.  The poems are read with a Caribbean accent and at first my 5 year old did not like this and found it odd and a bit funny.  My younger child (almost 2) particularly enjoyed the drumming sounds and jumped about excitedly along to the first couple of poems but then soon lost interest.

I must admit, that the first time we listened to the CD, we were quite glad that it was a short recording as both my children lost interest in the rhymes.  However, children can be quite fickle in their likes and dislikes and so we decided to try again.

This time I went online to and downloaded the words to go with the rhymes, it is a shame that the words cannot be printed on the CD cover although being able to get them online is the next best thing.  I made a booklet of the words and gave it to my (older) son and he loved reading along to rhymes and poems on the CD, he enjoyed trying to copy the accent used and making up different sounds with his voice.  He also enjoyed stomping around the room in time to the rhythm of the songs as he read them.  He also enjoyed using his brother’s musical instruments to make up his own songs to the two instrumental pieces at the end of the CD and he also made up his own raps/poems about everyday things to the beat.

I then tried to encourage my younger son to enjoy the CD by collecting all our musical instruments and finding wooden spoons so he could bang and shake along to the percussion sounds.  He did enjoy this but in all honesty he enjoys this anyway and I think, judging from his smiles, that he prefers it when we sing and clap to the more well-known tunes of the rhymes such as ‘Five little ducks’ and ‘Five currant buns’.

Before purchasing this Counting and Creatures CD it is difficult to tell if it will be a hit with your child or not.  However, because the CD is very reasonably priced, I believe that it is worth trying as it is very educational and can help your child with many skills including listening to music, rhythm, playing music, keeping time, learning rhymes and also with reading and your child may really enjoy it.


Counting and Creatures is available from Big Toe Audio for £3.75

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