Louise writes:

I’ve been eyeing up COOK on Leigh Broadway for a few weeks now but haven’t gone in, so decided to take a look on Tuesday. The idea of COOK is that it sells ‘homecooked’ frozen meals. Their founding principle in 1997 was “To COOK using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home so everything looks and tastes homemade. Today, nothing’s changed (except we’re a bit better at it).” and the shops sell tasty and nutritious meals for a night when you fancy something special but don’t want to cook yourself.

There is a range of children’s and baby foods, meals for one or two, family meals and one-pot lunch options. I bought the Morrocan one-pot for the kids’ dinner and a Butternut Squash, Spinach and Mushroom lasagne for us. Iris loved their dinner, which was a lovely, mildly spicy combination of veg, chickpeas and cous cous and wolfed down a rather large portion. Even Felix who is generally a pretty fussy eater ate some. He did complain, but that’s normal with anything that isn’t chicken nuggets or pizza!

Our lasagne was absolutely gorgeous, to the extent that I was raving about it all night and wish we had another one to eat today. My only complaint is that I wish they had been more, but this has nothing to do with the portion sizes and everything to do with me being greedy. The meals aren’t cheap but they’re not  extortionate either. The one-pot meal was £3.49 which is about what you can expect to pay for Innocent pots etc, and the lasagne was £6.75, so perhaps not something you would want to buy all the time but certainly nice once in a while.

I did think these meals would be a lovely gift for parents with a newborn who don’t get a chance to cook much! Rather than them relying on takeaways and toast, imagine what a nice treat it would be to have a freezer stocked of yummy nutritious meals like these.


COOK in Leigh is located at St Clements Arcade, The Broadway, Essex SS9 1PA. t: 01702 470037 and you can search for shops near you on their website here. You can also get food delivered straight to your house if you order over £35 worth of grub.


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