Clever Tykes Books

Louise writes:

Clever Tykes are “Storybooks providing positive role models to help children ages 6-9 be more resourceful and enterprising.” The series currently has three titles: Walk-It Willow, Code-It Cody and Change-It Cho. In each of the stories, the main character tries to achieve something positive but faces challenges from other people around them which they eventually overcome. They manage to avoid being patronising and instead show the characters’ efforts in an endearing light, which can be tricky to do when you have a story with a clear moral message!

My daughter Iris is eight, and although she’s a good reader, she rarely chooses to read at home. However, she absolutely loved these books and insisted on bringing them on holiday with us to read to herself and out loud to her little brother. She enjoyed the messages in the book and I think was particularly taken with the portrayal of strong, female leads – always a good thing! She has been asking me since when there are going to be more books in the series, so this is my only complaint – why are there only three! Get a move on Clever Tykes, you have an eager audience awaiting the next story!

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Clever Tykes enterprise education storybooks and teaching resources are completely free for primary schools to use. They have a portal, available at where UK primary schools can sign up and access everything they need to teach enterprise education for key stage 2.

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