I have to admit, I am not generally one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and luckily neither is my husband! However, I do love photos and chocolate, so when I saw that Chocface were promoting their brilliant edible chocolate images for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would love to try them!

Chocface is manufactured in Derbyshire, from a bakery that has been in the family for generations. The artwork and technical spin comes from a remote working team based in the Orkney islands. The idea is simple: you upload your artwork or photos to the website and they print them on chocolates!

I decided to make them a surprise present for the family and not tell them about it until they arrived to see what reaction they got and I wasn’t disappointed. The chocolates were beautifully packaged, with ‘Ford Family Choccies’ on an insert, printed in a rather fancy art deco style. The chocolates themselves looked great – the photos I chose were clear and well printed (480dpi for those who want to know) and they tasted great. I was a bit concerned that the gimmicky aspect of it might mean that the quality of the chocolate would be lacking, but that wasn’t the case at all – it was pretty tasty. Chocface say they are aiming to provide fair trade and dairy free alternatives in the future too, which is great.

The kids thought they were brilliant and much hilarity was had about who would get to eat who, then a few arguments over who got to eat the big one. If I could make one suggestion it would be that some different size options would be great, both to avoid such arguments and to include some portrait images. I know you could include portrait ones but it wouldn’t look as nice when opened!

All in all, this is a lovely, fun gift that is also a reasonable price at £14.95 + pp. The only downside is that you want to keep them as well as eat them!

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