Chicken Charades by University Games

Jenny writes:

Chicken Charades? I admit, it does sound a little on the silly side but after playing this game with my family, I would recommend it for any family party or gathering as it really is a lot of fun.

As the name suggests, it is a game of charades but the actor must use the chicken when acting out the word.

The game includes the charade cards, a dice (to decide which charade should be acted out), a ten second sand timer and of course the squeaky chicken. The charade cards each have 12 charade words on which vary in difficulty; some of these include golf, marching and cyclone.

The game is designed to be played in teams and so larger groups of people can easily play this game together, or it can also be played by individual players. (The box suggests a minimum of three players although we have played a few times with just two people and have managed fine by changing the rules slightly).

When my children first saw Chicken Charades, they were both very excited. The packaging, with the chicken’s head sticking out, was very appealing to them and they were full of giggles and were very eager to play straight away. The game is very easy to set up, all the cards are in a handy storage box which easily sits on the table or floor and the chicken simply needs it’s head screwing on.

chicken2The chicken is much better than I expected it to be. It is bigger than I was expecting, measuring at approximately 42 centimetres tall, the rubber is a good thickness and very sturdy and the squeaky noise is actually quite comical. We have played with the chicken quite a lot since we got the game and the chicken is still in very good condition, despite being stretched and bent in strange positions.

My family absolutely loved this game. They wanted to play it over and over again and each game usually involved a lot of giggling. James, my youngest son, is only 3 and a half and despite the game-box suggesting 8 as being the minimum age, he also loved playing it. Obviously he was unable to read the card but as long as we whispered the word to him (and chose an easier word) he was able to act it out fine. I honestly can’t see it being put away any time soon.

This game is definitely going to come out whenever we have a family gathering, especially over Christmas. I also believe that it will make appearances at adult only dinner parties and be enjoyed just as much.

These are a few pictures of my children acting out their charades with the chicken. They really, really enjoy this game. I wonder if you can guess the chicken charades.


chicken5 chicken4 chicken3







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