Chelmsford Escape Rooms

Louise writes:

Chelmsford Escape Rooms are the first permanent escape rooms in Chelmsford and are situated close to the city centre. My family of five went along to take a look and see if we had what it takes to escape!

My husband has done an escape room before and we have all been keen to do one, but it’s been hard to find one that caters to children too as some can be a little scary, or just too difficult! The room we did was called The Last Testament. It’s stated as being suitable for 8+, so our youngest was a little small at only 4, but as he told us himself, he is ‘the best at puzzles’, so we decided to give it a go!

I don’t want to give any of the plot away, so won’t go into details, but I can say that we had an amazing time! The room was so cleverly done – the story believable and the room so detailed and perfectly orchestrated. It almost felt like we were in a computer game: just when we thought things were getting to a point where we had tried all possible options, we’d change something and a whole new array of choices would open up! The kids found it really exciting too, and were very involved. Even little Dexter was able to help and actually discovered something that helped us progress in a huge way!

Sadly, we didn’t manage to escape; we were literally seconds away but were approaching the last thing in the wrong way, then once we realised what we’d done wrong, the last minute started ticking down. Apparently only 11% of people have successfully escaped the room, so while this was a little disappointing, it was good to know we were not alone.

Now I really have the bug and can’t wait to do another… luckily, Chelmsford Escape Rooms have new rooms coming over the next few months, so I am sure we will be back!

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