Charles Bentley Double Folding Camping Chair from BuyDirect4U

Louise writes:

We are keen campers… well, the rest of my family are keen campers, I like the sitting around the fire bit, the outdoor drinking bit and catching up friends, and am not such a fan of the lack of comfort and poor night’s sleep. However, I’m willing to let this go to make my family happy. What a martyr!

We always take camping chairs with us, but being a family of five, we rather unwisely only have four chairs, so when the opportunity arose to review a double camping chair, (check out this guide: I took it. What could be nicer than snuggling up around a lovely fire with your nearest and dearest and a glass of wine!

We had no camping trips on the horizon but the kids took it upon themselves to give the chair a thorough review, and spent the next week with it put up in front of the tv, sitting on it to watch films, play on the xbox etc. and were very taken with it. It’s a bright orange colour which I kept pointing out didn’t really go with our newly decorated conservatory, but they were not put off and it became a favourite piece of furniture! When I got to try it out I was pleased to find it’s comfy and stable, and has a drinks holder: what more do you need?

The chair folds up nicely and has a bag to store and carry it in, and really doesn’t weigh any more or take up any more space than a single chair which is really handy. And at just £29.99 it doesn’t break the bank – handy when you find toasted marshmallow has been dripped onto it or beer spilt on the arm!
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