Louise writes:

Carddies are little card people who live in a box. They are one of those simple ideas that work really well and and my children love them. Actually, I think I might love them as much as my children! Basically, Carddies are little sets of  people for your child to colour and play with. They come in 12 different varieties: Cavemen,  Knights,  FairiesFarm,  BalletFamily 1Family 2Football,  London,
SchoolSports and  Nativity and each one contains a set of double sided card people as well as a scene to colour in, colouring pencils, and plastic stands so that you can play with your creations once you have finished colouring them.

We had a look at the School set and one of the Family ones and the kids loved them. They really enjoyed that they all came in their own little box, which is also really handy for taking them with you when travelling or at a time when you need to keep the kids quiet and occupied. We have taken them to two weddings so far and they are just perfect – small enough to keep in a bag, self-contained and fun to do!

The card people are really sturdy which does mean they survive a bit longer than a lot of craft toys, especially in our house! My daugher has combining the sets to make a bigger family or a fuller classroom, and of course there is the potential to be inspired to create your own Carddie people too!


For more information about Carddies and where to buy them visit

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