Cake Maternity Bras

Deniz writes:

Funky not frilly

Supportive not saggy


The first maternity bras I’ve seen in colours other than the standard ones, which has been nice to wear for a change. The fabric is super comfy and feels nice to wear, I’ve worn it to bed too and it’s also been great for nighttime feeding. The clasps are very easy to do up and undo! They also wash well and dry quickly.

They seem to have a great level of support, which I sadly don’t need : D but if you are bigger busted then I think these would feel great, the straps are sturdy, the clasps and width of the band around your chest is wide and strong!

I would love them even more if they provided some coverage when you open the cup up-I prefer the peep hole types which I then don’t feel the need to cover up rather than these where you are left with your whole boob on display.

All together these seem like a modern take on nursing bras but without any compromise on quality.


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