By Carla Red Cable Knit Blanket

Allison writes:

My daughter was really looking forward to reviewing this product. Since her baby brother was born she has developed a new found love of blankets, both for herself, her brother and to wrap her dolls in. Blankets seem to be a necessity where babies are concerned, so there are always a few draped around the house and/or in the washing basket. This blanket is a beautiful red cable knit which is perfect for both sexes, so I can just grab it if I’m in a hurry, no need to look for the blue one or the pink one. It’s also large enough to cover a toddler and double up over a baby for extra warmth, so it’s good to have with you when you’re out and about. I think that’s my favourite thing about it, as sometimes the blankets you buy for babies are too small too be of any use once the baby turns into a toddler. I like the fact that I can wrap my toddler up in it if she needs the warmth or the cover.

The colour of the blanket is my daughter Chloe’s favourite thing. Or should I say the colour of the cape is Super Chloe’s favourite thing. Playing super heroes using the blanket as a cape is now her favourite game. So it definitely gets her seal of approval.

The best feature for my son is how soft the blanket is. It’s advertised as extra soft and I can’t argue. It’s perfect for making him all cozy in his pram or car seat whilst we’re out, and wonderful for snuggles when we’re indoors. It’s also large enough to tuck under the cot mattress so we can transfer from sleepy cuddles straight into bed.

The best bit for a lot of mothers, however, is that it’s machine washable and it actually washes well without making it look out of shape or bobbly. What more could a mum want!

This blanket is definitely a family favourite!
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