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Jenny writes:

This bib and splash mat comes in a nice little carry bag, making it ideal to carry in your changing bag for use when out and about.  It also comes with a 70x70cm splash mat to put on the floor under your child is eating to protect the flooring.  This makes it perfect for using under the high chair when eating at a family member’s or a friend’s house.  The bib is a long sleeved bib with a ‘crumb catcher’ turnover flap at the bottom, very useful for catching any bits of food before they even get to the mat.  This is the ‘nougat’ design, ideal for girls or boys.  The printed design is of good quality and even with plenty of fingernail scratching, it does not come off or leave a mark.  The bib does up with velcro at the back of the neck.  The velcro that has been used is the nice softer version so ideal for using on a toddler’s sensitive and soft skin.  The velcro was strong even stayed put when I gave it a very vigorous pull.

The bib went on James very easily.  However, I feel he may be slightly small for it.  Unfortunately, the velcro area is quite small and so there is no room to adjust the size of the neck hole which meant for really mucky foods such as pasta sauce, James’ necklines of his top still got stained.  However, James is small for his age so this may not be a problem or a larger child.

Similarly the sleeves are not elasticated like most of the other bibs that we have and therefore sometimes ride up the arm as he eats.  However, this is not a problem as I roll up the sleeves on his top before mealtimes to stop them from getting marked.

Because James is a very messy eater and is going through a stage of dropping and also throwing food, the splash mat was slightly small to cover the whole highchair and surrounding area, although as James gets less messy, it will be a useful thing to have to catch the odd piece of food.

After use, the bib and splash mat are ‘sponge clean’ only, however, any food marks easily come off, even the red tomato stains that get everywhere with children.

The design is very stylish, and although sometimes I refer to him as my ‘little convict’, I have had several comments regarding how nice, unusual and different the bib is compared to those available in shops.  It is a shame that at present, there are only two available designs as I feel some people may want to buy subsequent bib sets after trying out their initial purchase.

I love the whole package of the bib and the mat being in the bag and feel it would make a lovely gift.  I also feel that when your child outgrows the need for a bib, you could easily use this stylish bib as a painting overall.

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