Button Name Christmas Heart Decoration from Utterly Personal

Louise writes:

Utterly Personal is a treasure trove of a website, with hundreds of gifts for anyone you could wish to buy for: children, parents, siblings, elderly aunts, teachers… there really is something for everyone. The majority of the gifts are personalised which can be a really nice touch, especially for people who are a little awkward to buy for and need something a bit different. Personalised gifts are also great for kids who seem to love seeing their names on things, the narcissists that they are. My two are often disappointed that their names (Felix and Iris) don’t appear much in the standard personalised bits and bobs you get in most High Street shops, so websites like this are fantastic as you can usually add your own name, message etc.

I reviewed a Button Name Christmas Heart Decoration, personalised with my daughter’s name. I have to say, she was totally thrilled with it: it was a heart, it was red (her second favourite colour) and amazingly, it had her name on it – “how did the postlady know?’ she asked. Hmm. The heart is a really lovely Christmas decoration – it’s wooden and feels sturdy and long-lasting, which is nice for something that only comes out once a year. I like the idea of getting the kids one personalised decoration each year and making them decorations that are a bit special, so this was perfect for us (though I still need to get one for Felix – bad Mummy!) and really feels like it will withstand being touched and poked for many years to come. It’s also very attractive – the colours are festive and the ribbon is a nice touch, rather than the nasty sparkly string a lot of decorations have.


The Button Name Christmas Heart Decoration is available for £9.99 from Utterly Personal

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