Louise writes:

The Breastvest is one of those ingenious products that fills a need so perfectly you can’t believe no-one came up with it before. It must have been designed by someone who has been there herself and realised that something so simple would make her life so much easier! To describe it as simply as possible, it’s a basic black vest, but with no boob area – it’s designed to sit just under the bra and makes breastfeeding in public a much easier affair.

Despite the fears many women may have before they begin breastfeeding and regardless of what the ‘Eek, please don’t get your boobs out when I’m trying to eat my lunch’ brigade might say, what most nursing Mums actually struggle with when trying to breastfeed a wriggly baby in public isn’t actually the problem of inadvertently exposing your boobs, it’s trying not to show the world your post-partum tummy. Most nursing tops are of the pull-down and show a bit of top-boob variety, or the lift-up and show off the belly type, neither of which are ideal. Some tops cater to this by having an extra lining on the inside and a lot of us have muddled through by wearing a vest under a t-shirt, so you can pull up the t-shirt and down the vest, thus exposing just enough flesh to feed your baby without upsetting anyone nearby. However, this can be a fiddly affair, and isn’t always especially comfortable.

The Breastvest does pretty much the same thing but because  it sits just under the bra line, there’s no pulling down involved so it’s much less complicated process (and in those early newborn days especially when your brain struggles somewhat to get in gear this is a major selling point!), and makes it easier to feed wherever and whenever you want. It also means you don’t have to buy any special nursing tops as you can wear it underneath anything you want!

I wish I’d found this with my previous kids, but probably would have worn it out by now anyway and can see myself buying one in a few different colours. Plus, given that nursing in public is something many Mums say put them off breastfeeding for a long period, anything that makes it easier to carry on a bit longer has to be a good thing. Definite thumbs up!


Available from the Breastvest website in sizes XS to XL and in four different colours for £15.00

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