Brave Little Stars Soother Pack from Baby aid

Michelle writes:
Cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises – part of having children and growing up. All children get a bump at sometime, especially during the first few years learning to walk and climbing over everything they can reach (and something’s they can’t).

Brave Little Stars soother pack is ideal for bumps and bruises and can be used hot or cold. It is re-usable and washable which is perfect to keep it hygienic and clean.

Cold use – Just pop it in the fridge and in around 10 mins its cold enough to apply to the bump. Its design of a star is child friendly and small enough for the child to hold themselves if they are feeling extra brave.

Hot use – Place in warm water (not boiling) for the recommended time and then check the temperature before applying to the skin. Is NOT suitable for the microwave.

Each soother comes with 3 brave little star stickers, which is a lovely touch and can be given when your little one has been extra brave after a bump!

I personally didn’t test this product in hot water and use on my child’s bump, because it’s not something I would actively do, so it hasn’t been tested in that area. But we have used the soother several times from the fridge after a bump, and found the star shape is perfect for a child to wrap their fingers around to hold it in place.


Louise writes:

Despite the fact that my daughter usually falls over at least once every other day, she managed to go a good few weeks after I received this item without injury, and it was actually my son who was the guinea pig for us trialling it. Following a small but dramatic bump to the head, I remembered (a little too excitedly) that we had the soother in the frige and went to get it.

T0 be honest, I don’t think the bump would have amounted to much anyway but I think the soother did help – it was cold but the gel meant it wasn’t as hard and frosty-feeling as some ice-packs can be, and the shape and smiley face are a nice distraction, even more so for really little ones I’d imagine.

I’m not sure when I’d want to use it hot really, or how it would fare being warmed from frozen, but the fact that it is versatile and reusable in this way is certainly a big plus point. Would definitely recommend it!


Helena writes:

The Brave Little Stars soother is a compress that can be used as an immediate first-aid treatment to ease pain and swelling after a child has fallen over or had a bump or a bruise.  It can be used either hot or cold, as needed.

The soother is a green, star-shaped compress that is filled with gel.  To be used cold, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator so that the gel inside is cold when the soother is needed.  To use it hot, the compress should be warmed in hot water for up to five minutes, and then tested on the back of the hand before applying to the affected area.  This product is not suitable for use in the microwave.

The soother comes with four bravery reward stickers, to award to your child after they have had a little accident.  This works very well in our house, and is something that I will continue to do.

My children love the star shape and the bright green colour, and the soother also has an appealing smiley face, which is a great distraction after an accident.  The gel feels firm and flexible and stays cold for a sufficient amount of time to reduce pain and swelling after a fall or a bump.

This product is probably most suitable for families with babies and very young children.  I tried it out with my daughter who is almost six, and with my one-year-old son.  We found that it is a little too small to use on my daughter’s grazes and bruises, and she has to use a larger one that we already had.

My one-year old son is learning to walk, and the soother is the perfect size and shape for him when he has a bump.  He recognises the face and has learned to hold it himself.

I also heated the soother to use when I had muscle pain, and whilst it worked absolutely fine I do feel that I needed something bigger.

The product seems durable and has been washed and disinfected several times now and still looks brand new.  I would recommend the Brave Little Stars soother for children under five.


Gina writes:

This arrived just at the right time as my son had just started crawling and was used on numerous occasions. It was just the right size for all the bumps he ended up with. I also used it on his 6 year old sister as she seemed to love the little design and said it eased any bumps and bruises. It was a great size to keep in the door part of the fridge and being a lovely green colour was always easy to find.



Brave Little Stars Gel Soother pack is available from Baby Aid for £4.80

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