Bobo Buddies

Helena writes:

Bobo Buddies

Bobo Buddies are character backpacks that look like and double up as cuddly toys.  The back compartment opens to reveal a soft, fleecy blanket in a creamy colour.  The product has been designed to function as an all-in-one backpack, pillow and cuddly blanket toy.

Bobo Buddies found fame in March 2014, when they were the final product to feature on the last episode of the series of BBC2’s Dragons’ Den.  Viewers saw all five entrepreneurs make a bid for a share in the company to founder James, and in the end it was the formidable team of Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones whose joint offer was accepted.

The toys are available in four different animal character designs, Raffy the giraffe, Lulla the elephant, Roary the lion and Mungo the monkey, whom I have had the opportunity to try out with my children, Amalia aged seven and Luca aged two.

The backpack looks just like a cuddly monkey toy from the front.  It is made from soft fabric and has a friendly face.  As a soft toy it is the perfect size for Luca, who has taken to it very well.
The back compartment opens with a zip and the fleecy blanket is fully removable so that the opening can be used for storage.  I gave the backpack to Luca to use at preschool and I did wonder at first whether there would be enough space inside for everything that he needs.  I have found, however that with some careful stuffing I am able to fit his indoor shoes, spare clothes and comforter inside and the backpack still zips up and keeps its shape.  For longer days I would need to take a bigger bag for more storage, however this has been designed for a child, and if it had the capacity to carry any more then it may become too heavy for a toddler to carry safely.  The straps are expandable and as a backpack it seems to be comfortable for him to wear.  Packing it together has now become part of our routine as we prepare for his preschool day, and the fact that he is happy to carry it himself means that there is one less bag for me.  Mungo the monkey has been very easy to wipe clean and has no stains so far, despite having being dropped in puddles on more than one occasion.

It is always interesting to review a product that has already been in the media spotlight, however the Bobo Buddy certainly seems to live up to all the hype.  It is an innovative design that combines play value with a practical storage function, with the added bonus of helping to engage Luca in the routine of getting ready for preschool.


Amalia says:

Mungo the monkey is really fun to play with, because he is soft, and as well as being a backpack he is just like a cuddly toy.   Luca takes him to preschool and the aunties think that he is cool.  I like cuddling him.  He is very comfortable and I like to use him as a pillow when I am tired.


Bobo Buddies are available from And So to Dream for £25.00

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