Blade & Rose Leggings

Sarah writes:

I was sent 2 pairs of Blade and Rose leggings to try on Callum.

The first was a Halloween pair in a funky orange, purple and black stripe with an image of a pumpkin on the bottom. The second was a Christmas pair in festive red, green and cream stripe with an image of a reindeer on the bottom.

In terms of quality of the leggings are knitted so cosy and warm, they felt really well made and stood up to a few gentle tugs to the seams and really are soft! My boy thought they were brilliant as they were bright and engaging.

Upon use they stood up well to the harsh treatment of a 2 year old in a soft play centre (and my lad is very active young man). We managed to get 3 wears out of the Christmas pair and they really were still as good as new even with the hard use.

The only possible negative is I really struggled with what to dress Callum in on the top half. The leggings are such a statement I felt the need to dress him in a plain top to compliment. Maybe mummy needs to be a bit bolder…

The leggings are priced at £10/pair for the standard range. Not the cheapest on the market but they really do make a statement and I envisage they would be durable and last well. So in summary, would I recommend them? Yes I would. I look forward to seeing funky bottoms on many babies and toddlers in the future!

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  1. Maybe to add that I was so impressed with these leggings I have now bought some from my youngest boy. He looks positively adorable with a stegosaurus on his bottom!

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