Baby Aid Compact

Helena writes:

The BabyAid first aid kit looks like a small travel-sized make-up bag that would easily fit into the pocket of a changing bag or into a handbag. It contains:

  • Microporous tape
  • Assorted plasters
  • Burnshield gel sachets
  • Low adherent dressing
  • Conforming bandage
  • Three disposable thermometers
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Scissors
  • Eye/wound-wash solution
  • Bravery award stickers

All of the items are clearly labelled and are travel-sized as this is really an emergency kit – the contents are not designed for re-use. The kit also contains instructions for using each item and a UK first aid guide, both of which are already folded inside for easy reference. The wipe-clean case is white with brightly coloured stars and ladybirds, so the appearance is less likely to frighten a young child who has just had an accident.

When I saw the size of the case I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much is included. It also struck me that some of the items – especially the eye-wash – are things I should probably already have at home for emergencies, but I have never really thought about before. The plasters are brightly coloured with a bee and butterfly design that may serve as a useful distraction tool, and the “brave little star” bravery award stickers are a nice touch. Everything has been designed with small children in mind, but nothing is so tiny that it could not be used on an adult.

There is enough room in the case for a couple of small additions, and I will probably add some sachets of paracetamol suspension and a regular thermometer as I might not remember to replace the disposables. It would have been useful to include a card to record emergency contact details and any information about pre-existing conditions, allergies or medication regularly used.

Overall, this is certainly a useful product. I did not have anything like it before but I must have needed it because now it is in my bag wherever I go. I also appreciate having everything together in a case that has been designed for the purpose, rather than delving around in my bag for plasters and wipes to deal with life’s little emergencies when they arise.


Jenny writes:

As a mum of two boys, one of which is 4, very few outings happen without a grazed knee, insect bite or another small injury.  I am also a Scout leader and so my boys take part in many adventurous activities which may result in accidents.  As a Scout Leader, I am trained in First Aid and understand the importance of being ready and prepared.  Therefore when I saw this product, I thought it would be a useful product to own.  I had previously been carrying a few odd plasters and antiseptic wipes in the bottom of my changing bag but had found that I was not always able to find them in a hurry.


The size of this kit is perfect to carry in my changing bag or even a large pocket in a coat.  The case design is attractive and also not too feminine for those days when Daddy takes the boys out.  The case has two mesh pockets which are perfect for keeping the contents sorted, tidy and easily accessible.

Before placing the kit in my bag, I was careful to check the contents of the kit and to familiarise myself with which items were in there and how to use any of them.  I also checked all the ‘Use By’ dates and was pleased that they all had very long dates on.

My initial thought was that the kit didn’t actually contain very much.  However, the website clearly listed the items it included and also made suggestions of ‘extras’ that you can purchase.  For example there are no antiseptic wipes/cream which I have found to be very useful when my son scrapes his knees.  There are individually wrapped non-alcoholic hand cleansing wipes which I presumed are for cleaning hands before/after administrating first aid – However, the instruction leaflet says the wipe should be used to ‘wipe over the infected area’ but as you can only ‘use on unbroken skin’ I wonder what kind of injury it is for as you must not use it on a cut or scrape.

There is a small bag of plasters, 8 of which are called ‘character plasters’ and are the decorated plasters that children do like.  However – in my bag, all 8 of these plasters are pink.  Unfortunately these will not be used as my son will refuse to wear pink.  In my opinion the kit should either contain ‘unisex’ plasters or a mixture of colours.  There is only one larger plaster provided for grazes or scrapes, however you could use the low adherent dressing aswell.  Luckily, there is space in the Baby Aid case so more of these could be purchased as extras and easily added.

The kit comes with a useful First Aid Guide which gives a very quick guide on what to do if your baby or child is unconscious, not breathing or choking and also a section on temperature, burns and bleeding.  Although these instructions cover all that you need to know they are very brief but the leaflet makes several references to finding out more information from the Red Cross website.  This website is excellent for First Aid information!  The kit also includes an instruction leaflet which gives a very quick overview of how to use each item.

As we spend a lot of time around a campfire I was interested to see how to use the Burnshield for burns and scalds.  However, it does not explain how, why or when to use it in the leaflet and the First Aid guide confirmed what I had learnt which is to not use anything on burns or scalds apart from cold running water and clingfilm or a non-fluffy dressing.  The Baby Aid website states  The gel provides immediate effective treatment -soothing, cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburn.  It provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage.’ So I presume you use this immediately if there is no running water?  However, I wanted to be sure and spoke to a First Aid Trainer about them.  She agreed that you ‘should use water only but these gel packs could be used in your own home for small burns but that she did not recommend them’.

In the kit there is a pair of scissors to be used for cutting bandages or clothing away from a wound.  At first I thought that they felt flimsy and may not be able to cut a thicker material, however after testing, I found that they did cut through the thicker materials.  They are a handy size and because they are blunt tipped, they are safe, should your child get hold of them.

I love the the size of the case and will find the case useful.


Louise writes:

I am that perpetually disorganised parent. The one who never has wipes and has to borrow them from someone else, the one that has to buy a picnic from a local supermarket because she hasn’t had a chance to make it before leaving the house, the one who constantly double books herself and the rest of the family to various events. Obviously the idea of carrying a first aid kit has never occurred to me, so when I saw this product I was pretty wowed by it!

The case itself is a really good size for carrying round and contains a lot of stuff for such a small item! It’s quite a fun, attractive looking thing too, which is a bonus if you like that sort of thing! I was impressed with the contents though did think there were a few things missing, such as antiseptic (rather than just cleansing) wipes, and a few more plasters, though these would be easy enough to add yourself. The small stick-on temperature pads are a novel touch but I think it might just be easier to put a thermometer in the bag. Most of the items though are really handy and I felt quite smug when my son complained that his new shoes were rubbing his feet on the way home from school and I was able to whip out a plaster to help him on his way!

It’s also a great item for taking on holiday as it takes up virtually no space, and as it seems to be waterproof is handy for days out, even days at the beach. It’s not overly-expensive too and seems the case will last so can be refilled with items as and when needs be!


Available from £15.50


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