Jenny writes:

The box that this sling comes in is compact and stylish and I was surprised at how small the box is.  It would stand out on the shelf.  It has all the key features and information on it and several pictures of the different positions the sling can be used in.  The packaging really appealed to me and the slogan ’embrace life’ made me feel very positive about this product, although my husband said he felt the packaging was a little too feminine due to the colour used and also the fact that only one picture was posed by a man.

When I opened the box, I was pleased to see that the sling came in a handy drawstring bag to carry it around in and for storage.  It was also relatively easy to put the sling back in the bag after use.  The sling is made from a nice feeling material which is completely washable.  As well as the clips used for fastening/adjusting the sling there is also a safety clip which is reassuring.  However, these clips are on your back and are very tricky to undo yourself whilst wearing the sling in order to take your baby out gently.  It pictures the wearer doing this herself, so I hope as I become more confident using the sling that I too will be able to manage it.

The instruction manual caters for nine different languages.  It has clear pictures of the different stages for each position and short, numbered instructions so easy to follow.  There are 5 different positions that the babasling can be used in and two of these can be used for breastfeeding which is fantastic for the new mother who needs to feed on the go or who would prefer slightly more privacy.  I liked the names that thebabasling used for each position, for example ‘Sleeping Tiger’ and ‘Little Joey’.

I found the instructions slightly confusing with all the left and rights used and that sometimes the instructions were for left shoulder use and sometimes for the right.  I wanted to be sure that I had understood the instructions fully so I visited website to see if they had any online recordings of how to use the sling and I believe that they are ‘coming soon’ which will be very useful to new parents with the product.  The website had a copy of the instructions which is useful should you lose the manual.

It took a long time and several attempts to make sure my baby was well supported and that we were both comfortable whilst using the Babasling.  At first, when using this sling, I found myself wanting to support my baby with my hand the whole time, therefore I didn’t have my hands free.  I did not like the safety angle of the sling and felt that I must have missed something.  I visited the website again and looked under the ‘Safety’ section.  Here I discovered that I had set the sling up wrong as I hadn’t set up the straps to be different lengths.  Something which I had not read in the instruction booklet, although when I returned to re-read the booklet I discovered that the information was there but did not stand out.

We did not like using the sling in the ‘Little Joey’ way.  (Baby facing forwards) as he had  to have his feet enclosed which my son did not like and I worried that his legs were rather cramped.  I did not use the Easy or Sleeping Tiger positions as my baby is quite long as he is slightly older and he did not like them or feel comfortable with them.  I do feel that these positions would be comfortable for a new born and the baby would feel close next to the wearer.  The Koala Cuddle position is the usual ‘tummy to tummy’ position.  This position was comfy and when my child was sleepy or wanted cuddling, it was a lovely way to carry him.  It was also easy to transfer him to and from the Side Saddle position where the Babasling supports your child as they sit on your hip.  Again it was very comfortable to hold my son in this position.  My baby likes to be held in this position and to look around.  I feel comfortable holding him in the sling and am able to do jobs, play with my older son or go out for a walk.   The best thing about these last two positions is that it can be used until your child weighs 15kg.  This will be excellent for my back problems to have extra support when carrying a heavier child.

Personally I think the back of the sling where the straps are, is a little messy looking and the buckle part is rather bulky if you lean back whilst wearing it.  Otherwise, this is a lovely and very useful product that both me and my baby like and enjoy using.


Available from for £39.99 in a large variety of colours


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