B-Sensible 2 – 1 fitted sheet and mattress protector

Alice writes:

I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to bed linen. I love the feeling of fresh crisp white sheets and I especially love sinking into bed with really soft Egyptian cotton sheets. So 2 years ago when it came to sheets for my new baby’s cot I was shocked at how rough some of them were. Once I found a brand I liked I stuck to them, but then came potty training and the start of daytime naps without a nappy on and it all changed. All of a sudden I needed a waterproof sheet underneath her bed sheet. The ones I found made the bed noisy and gave it a slightly tough feel and I also noticed her sleep was suffering too as the plastic sheet underneath was making her hot and clammy. With this dilemma in mind I jumped at the chance of giving the B-Sensible bedding a try.

I was immediately interested by their claim to be ‘the first fitted sheets and pillowcases that act like a second skin’. B-Sensible sheets are a two-in-one sheet and waterproof mattress protector. The information booklet stated the sheets are made from a 100% natural fibre called Tencel, originating from the eucalyptus plant, which is extremely soft and due to its extraordinary moisture absorption makes the sheets naturally antibacterial and perfect for those even with the most sensitive of skin types.

The sheet we were sent was very soft to touch and looked lovely and fresh on the bed, so much so I almost slept in there myself! The breathable design also eliminated the problem of clamminess straight away, meaning a better sleep for all of us. Also with my daughter not getting so hot overnight the sheets stayed fresh for longer too so I think this will give them a longer life span as I won’t be getting rid of them as quickly for discolouring or general hygiene reasons. The size fitted well for the mattress, snug yet not stretched too tight and the elasticated corners of both the sheet and under sheet held it in place well all night even with my fidgety little lady. The sheet is machine washable and washed well at 30 degrees; it was also incredibly quick drying and was back on the bed that night.

I would thoroughly recommend this product, we will be getting them for all the beds and pillows in our house because they are also ideal for the protection from sweating and skin flakes that end up damaging both and shortening their life span.


Joanne writess:

2 in 1 fitted sheet and protector in 1 soft waterproof breathable product. I have the cot-bedsheet for my toddler who tends to sweat easily in bed and sometimes leaks out of his nighttime pull up. This product is very soft to touch, made from 100% natural hygienic nanofibre with a very fine polyurethane membrane backing and fits a cot-bed mattress like a glove. It?s really useful that no separate mattress protector is needed therefore no puckering under the sheet and seems to help keep my son cooler during the night. We?ve not yet had any incidents of leaking so can?t comment on how effective the sheet is at protecting the mattress with accidents but I have every faith that it will live up to its specifications. I have no doubt this sheet would suit my baby?s cot too and would highly recommend to anyone who needs the reassurance that their mattress is protected.


Katie writes:

I first heard about B-Sensible sheets a few weeks before so was really looking forward to getting the chance to review this.

B.Sensible for babies (Suavinet) is an innovative range of beautifully soft, breathable, waterproof bedding for babies and children. It’s the first 2 in 1 fitted sheet and protector and is as soft as silk and as cool as linen. It is recommended particularly for babies and children with sensitive skin. First thing I noticed when I took the sheet out the box is that it doesn’t smell of chemicals and is soft already. It is hardly noticeable that it’s a waterproof sheet as sheets like that tend to be plastic, noisy and need to be underneath another sheet. I washed it first (which is recommended) at 60°c, hung it out to dry and was ready for putting on the cot that evening.

During its use it’s been washed on various cycles from 30° to 90° and has been great for the occasional leaky nappies and baby sick. Marks wash straight out and it’s been washed at least 3/4 times every week since we’ve had it (2 months) and it still looks brand new, it doesn’t even need ironing after its been washed and dried so one less thing to do in a busy family day. It fits the cot mattress really well with no over stretching.

As a family we will be investing in various sizes of these sheets and also pillowcases for my son’s bed and my own. I would highly recommend B.Sensible to all my family and friends.

B.sensible’s bedding is made from Tencel; a 100% natural fibre that comes from eucalyptus trees. Combined with a smart stretchable membrane that is virtually undetectable, it acts as a hypo-allergenic barrier against moisture, bacteria and dust mites. The smooth surface of the fibre and its extraordinary moisture absorption provides a really healthy environment for babies and young children. Another amazing feature of this new-age fibre is its ability to regulate body temperature, acting like a second skin. It is machine washable up to 90°c and can be tumble dried. The bedding is clinically proven to be suitable for babies and children with sensitive skin, eczema, asthma and rhinitis. The range includes bedding for all mattresses from Moses Baskets through to doubles and king-size beds. The bedding also comes in 24 colours including white, sky blue, pink and yellow.


For more information visit the B-Sensible website, or see their list of UK stockists


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