Antibacterial Slime

Louise writes:

As is the case with most parents, my kids have been through a slime phase. Buying pots and pots of it, making it, finding it stuck to rugs… I have to admit, it wasn’t one of my favourite phases! But they seem to love it, and I do understand why as kids are generally disgusting urchins who love all things gross and gooey!

We were sent some of this antibacterial slime to review and I’m actually really impressed as it seems like a great idea! It looks and feels like normal slime – it’s disgusting and squishy and stretchy – all the things kids love. But it’s also antibacterial, apparently killing up to 99.9% of germs. As all of our kids are currently having to sanitise their hands so often for school and when out and about, this is a really brilliant innovation, especially for those who are maybe a little resistant to sanitising, or have problems with sore hands due to having to do it so often. They can just play with the slime for a bit instead and still get some protection.

The slime comes in a handy carry case, which is great for the park or when having a picnic, and I think will be useful even in non-covid times. Apparently the sanitising properties last for a month, though I’m not sure they have met the little filth-wizard that is my youngest – if anyone can test it, he can!

In all, this is a really great product – a hit with the kids – both my 8 year old and my 11 year old loved it, even though the 11 year old is currently in a ‘totally over all kid things’ stage and I think it could be a hit with parents too. At under a tenner for a pack of 4 (with 6 different colours to choose from) it’s a pretty good price for a month’s sanitising too – a great product to invest in for the summer holidays I think! Now if they can just guarantee it doesn’t get stuck in rugs, I would be even happier!

Grab yours from Amazon for £9.99