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Kat writes:

Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson

Part of a range of self-help CDs the weight loss CD is meant to help you curb your eating habits and take control of your weight.  It is recommended to listen to the CD every day for at least 3 weeks to see results.  I have yet to manage to listen to it for more than a week at a time because quite honestly I’m forgetful!

At first I didn’t think it was doing anything, I didn’t feel any different and felt quite deflated over the whole thing, I wanted miracles and fireworks, so I started to keep a food diary and noticed that on a subconscious level I was making better food choices, instead of grabbing a bag of crisps and some choccy with my cuppa (which would be my normal choice during the girls nap times) I was getting myself some fruit or a small sandwich.

I have lost 4lb so far without making a huge conscious effort which seems good to me! I like that I’m not constantly think about food and dieting and it seems like a lifetime choice instead of a diet.

With real commitment and finding 30mins a day to sit a listen to the CD this could provide real results for a lifetime change.


Jenny writes:

Andrew Johnson – Motivational CD – Positivity

Andrew Johnson has developed a large number of self-help products to create positive change in the life of the listener.

I have always found it difficult to put myself forward, always found it hard to try new things or be in new situations.  Therefore I was looking forward to trying out this Positivity CD.

As a mum of an 8 month old, I did find it hard to find 30 or so minutes everyday to listen to the CD and didn’t manage it as often a I would have liked and there were times that I felt guilty that I had listened to it when I could have been ‘doing’ other more useful things.  However, when I did find the time, I discovered myself relaxing more deeply than I ever have done before.  I was unable to fall asleep to the CD but I was definitely in a deep state of relaxation.

After the relaxation part, Andrew says many sentences that will improve the listeners positivity.  Although he explains that your body will take in these statements when it is ready, I found it very difficult to carry on being in my relaxed state during them.  I found my eyes open and mind begin to wander over them.  I have not managed to stay in my relaxed state for these statements yet.

It is very difficult to say whether I feel more positive since listening to this CD.  I do feel that I have better, happier days although recently I have also had very negative days, much worse than I used to.  This may be related to the days when I do or don’t listen to the CD.  I have found myself more confident in situations that I would normally have been hesitant in, such as speaking to my son’s teacher, other parents at the school gates and asking for information.  I have found myself to be more chatty and much keener to be with people and outside the home more.  I am still very indecisive and nervous though.

Looking over the last few weeks that I have listened to this CD, it is so very hard to see if the CD has made the difference or if these changes would have occurred naturally.  However – I do find myself relaxing well when I listen to it and for a parent, that alone is a good thing.


Michelle writes:

Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson

Over 15 years Andrew Johnson has helped thousands of people with self help CD’s MP3 downloads, apps and workshops.    Andrew does a wide range of self help CDs and I have his ‘relax’ app on my iPhone.      They are designed to help you relax, motivate and be self empowering.

We all want to lose weight, and what better way than to listen to a motivation CD rather than get all sweaty through exercise, the thought that a CD could change the way I thought about food and exercise was a definite plus point.

The day it arrived I immediately put it on to listen to.   The CD lasts for a little over 30 mins, and if I am honest I don’t think I heard much after the first 10 mins because I fell asleep every time.   Andrew says that it is fine to fall asleep if you want to, and not to fight it – so I didn’t!!   The idea being I guess is that your relaxed enough to sleep, but awake enough to hear if the doorbell rings or you hear the phone – and the message still goes in whether your awake or asleep.

I listened to the CD religiously everyday, and didn’t notice a change in my eating habits, I still ate what I wanted and wasn’t put off any foods.     The CD does state to listen to it everyday for 3 weeks to see improvements, but I have to admit, after 8 days, I couldn’t listen to it anymore.   The fact it was that it was making me sleep and then I didn’t sleep properly at night and was becoming a vicious circle for me and affecting my routine.     I tried to listen to it at night, but as the CD finished, I then stirred and then I woke up.

I don’t think this one personally was for me, If it hadn’t of made me sleep so much then I would of persevered with it, after all, when your trying to lose weight – every little bit of help you can get your grateful for.


Helena writes:

Confidence with Andrew Johnson

This CD is a self-help motivational CD, led by Andrew Johnson.  The inlay card gives some information about his background, which was useful to have before I started listening to the CD.  According to the card, Andrew Johnson delivers a range of safe, simple self-help techniques to achieve the desired outcome, including relaxation therapy, stress management, clinical hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I asked for the opportunity to review the Confidence recording because this is definitely an area of my life that I feel I need to work on.  The CD states that the recording will enable the listener to reach a state of deep relaxation.  It recommends using the CD on a daily basis for three weeks, in a comfortable position.  Falling asleep during the recording is fine, and for me, the best time of day is at bedtime.  The main effect of the CD was that I did feel considerably relaxed and de-stressed after listening, and I would regularly fall asleep before the end.

Despite these benefits, I did sometimes find it difficult to make the time to play the CD every night for three weeks.  Some evenings were fine, but sometimes if one of the children was poorly, or had I worked late into the evening, it became tricky as my husband was already in bed.  I did not want to risk falling asleep on the sofa so I did have a few nights off.  I was concerned that by missing a night I would interrupt the effect, but the next time I listened I still felt deeply relaxed and it was fine.  Andrew Johnson has a soft, low voice and speaks with a Scottish accent, also the background music is calming and beautiful.  The recording runs for 30 minutes.

I cannot say for certain if I am more confident – in the ways that I feel I need to be – as a result of using the CD.  It is however quite empowering to make the time every day to listen to the CD, as it is something I am doing for myself.   I felt a bit of extra motivation to do it properly because I am a reviewer, and I hope that I keep it up now that I am on my own.  Personally, I find the recording very relaxing, which is a huge benefit in itself.

Listening to the CD last thing at night helps me to fall asleep easily, however  I feel perfectly safe, and I still wake up as quickly as ever if one of my children calls out during the night.   I would try another of Andrew Johnson’s products.  I may not be bursting with confidence, but I feel certain that using the CD is doing me some good



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