Alphaprints ABC

Gemma writes:

My Son is 2 and loves this book. What I love about this book is that its fun and colourful.

I love a good routine of books before bed time whether it is myself, my eldest child or my husband reading with our youngest. My son loves to go through this book with one of us. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times we have read this book. He loves it.

It is very eye catching and appeals to the little ones. I like the way the letters are individually on each page and has texture and bright colours. The finger print pictures that have been turned into animals are very much different to your average book. Its really is a fun book with enjoyable, rhythmic text.

I would highly recommend this book and would be happy to buy as a birthday gift or a treat.


Alphaprints ABC is available from Priddy Books for £7.99

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