2013 Dodo Pad & Dodo Planner Calendar

Louise writes:

2013 Dodo Planner Calendar

Firstly, the Dodo Planner Calendar looks great: it’s full of humorous and unusual illustrations for each month and is a vast improvement on the usual celebrities/landscapes/kittens calendars you find on the High Street (though this year we have a Charlie and Lola one which I have to say, is pretty good). It’s a month-per-view with five handy columns for different members of the family. A few years ago I would have scoffed at whether this was really necessary but nowadays with various school, nursery and personal engagements, it really is. Plus, we have a third child on the way, due in March so five columns fits us perfectly.

It also features a page for ‘indodispensable’ data and a full year calendar at the front and ample space for extra notes at the top of each monthly page and really looks to be a great and very useful calendar. Maybe this is the year we will finally get organised.


2013 Dodo Pad

The Dodo Pad is a large-ish spiral-bound desk diary, and is the original product that the rest of the Dodo range is based. Again, ideal for a family of five (though the website suggests that ‘extra family members may, at your discretion, be marginalised’), with columns for each family member and a week-per view pages – lots of space for keeping track of what everyone’s doing. I’ve been struggling for a while with finding a perfect diary for me where I can organise both family and work-life and this looks like it could be it as each page also has a lot of space for jotting down notes, lists of things to do etc.

The paper feels like it’s good quality and each page also has fun little illustrations to keep you amused when work is getting you down, as well as some interesting anniversaries for procrastination purposes. It also has lots of useful features such as a pouch for storing bits and bobs, forward-planners and an ‘Indodispensible data’ section.

The Dodo Pad is available in a variety of diary or calendar formats (to suit various sizes of desk, pocket, briefcase or Filofax) so there’s bound to be one that suits you!


All Dodo Pad products are available on their website: the 2013 Dodo Planner Calendar costs £9.99 and the Dodo Pad is £12.95

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