Tropical Wings

Michelle writes:

We went to Tropical Wings with my three little ones yesterday for my twins’ 3rd birthday. On entering Tropical Wings we were led to an overspill car park. Even though there were lots of cars, the Zoo didn’t feel overly busy at any stage.

We started out by walking through the butterfly was amazing to get up close to so many different breeds of butterfly. They actually land on you if you stand still. There is also a lovely pond full of fish to see.

Onto the birds section, then the farm. My little ones (aged 3) loved this part as a goat came up close to see them and let them stroke it!! There are Guinea pigs and rabbits here too. A lovely addition.

We then walked round to the wallabies who were fascinating. A quick picnic and we were off again to see some lemurs and a giant tortoise!! Then on to see some monkeys which were my personal favourite. After this, we saw a birds of prey show, had a go in the playground and the little ones rode a digger. There was a lovely little cafe and indoor play part, sadly we didn’t have time for this. There is also a lovely gift shop with reasonably priced toys and souvenirs. A very pleasant day out where you can get close to the animals. Who all seem well kept and cared for.  At only £36.00 for a family of four, I thought it was great value for money and will definitely return later in the year.

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