Thyme and shallots roast chicken with celeriac chips


march-2016-057Roast chicken, is one of the easiest and straightfoward meals, but this versions has a healthier kick and a different flavour, but still very easy and relatively quick to make.

I choose to use the tighs instead of a whole chicken, as they easier to prepare and quicker to cook.

Shallots add lots of flavour, while the celeriac chips, add a nutty taste and much less sugars than potatoes.

You can serve this with sweet potatoes mash as an healthier alternative to white potatoes mash.


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour



  • a packet of chicken thighs
  • a small celeriac
  • 8-10 shallots
  • some thyme
  • half a lemon
  • 2-3 garlic cloves
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt to taste


  • Prepare the vegetables, cut the celeriac in big chunks and put them in the roasting dish together with the shallots.
  • Season the chicken putting some small pieces of garlic and a bit of thyme inside the thighs, rub the the meat with some sea salt, and  put them in the dish.
  • Add 2-3 lemon slices cut in half,  sprinkle with some olive oil
  • Cook for nearly an hour at 180/200 degrees according to the type of oven. Enjoy!

About the Chef

I am a Pilates teacher by day, and author of Lemons & Olives, a food blog dedicated to healthy, quick, delicious recipes and nutrition advice for your everyday life.

The blog is created for time poor professionals, seeking a healthier life, but also delicious and easy to make meals.

You won’t find fancy ingredients, but only those easily available in your local supermarket. Hope you enjoy

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