Sweet Potato Salad

A tasty healthy, lunch dish from Rebecca Allerton:

I find it hard to find ‘healthy food’ appealing, I can’t stick to just meat/fish with veg and feel satisfied, a ‘chicken salad’ with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber bores me to tears so I decided to use some of my favourite healthy staples, cucumber, sweet potato and pomegranate seeds to concoct a salad of my own.

I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which are the days I NEED to be organised and well meal prepped for 3 reasons 1.Making lunch in the mornings getting a 2 year old and yourself ready and out by 7:20am doesn’t happen 2. Working in London it is so easy to spend £5-£10 on lunch 3.  Bulk prepping makes the evenings not so hectic on top of cooking dinner/bath time/bed time.

So below my easy recipe for a sweet potato salad under £5 which keeps for 3 days in the fridge:


The ingredients I used from Tesco:

  • Easy Peelers – £1 for a pack
  • Lemon – 35p
  • Cucumber – 30p
  • Large Sweet Potato – 35p
  • Rice – 60p
  • Pomegranate Seeds – £1


In the cupboard:

  • Chia and Flax – Holland and Barrett £3.99 – high omega 3 (good for digestion, weight loss)
  • Frozen peas
  • Chilli Flakes- for seasoning
  • Mint – for seasoning


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees fan assisted (check your oven settings)
  2. Chop the sweet potato into cubes
  3. Foil the baking tray, throw on the sweet potato and spray/drizzle in oil (I used coconut oil frylight)
  4. Season to taste (I used mint and chilli flakes)
  5. Cook for 30-40 minutes (oven dependent)
  6. Boil water and cook a cup of white/brown rice, drain and leave to cool
  7. Boil peas for 4-5 minutes, drain and leave to cool
  8. Chop a cucumber in half, then slice length ways and throw into a bowl
  9. Once cooled throw peas/rice into the bowl
  10. Add pomegranate seeds to the bowl
  11. Remove sweet potatoes once cooked and leave to cool
  12. Once sweet potato chunks are cooled throw into the bowl too
  13. Add one spoonful of chia and flax seeds
  14. Mix in all ingredients until even
  15. Evenly split into three (or desired) portions
  16. Refrigerate!


I use lemon as my ‘salad dressing’ as I love citrus, I also added easy peeler oranges into the salad on the day I eat the salad otherwise I find it leaves a bitter taste.

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