Small Fingerprint Heart Pendant

Capture all the swirls and detail of a loved ones fingerprint in a beautiful symmetrical silver heart.
So personal, yet everyday wearable, these small pendants are perfect to hold a child’s fingerprint and name. A totally unique keepsake, hand crafted from start to finish so no two pendants are the same.

The pendants measure 2cm by 1.7cm (from the dip in the heart to the tip). Taking the fingerprints only takes a few minutes, it is an easy process and can be done at home using a simple kit. Send them back in the prepaid envelope provided and I’ll transform the print into your own unique keepsake. Pendants can be hung in the middle or on the side.

Your pendant can be further personalised by adding a name on the front and an age or date of birth on the reverse. Please note that it is not recommended to take prints of children under the age of 18 months as they may not have much definition in their finger. However, you would get a little fingerprint size print which will be a reminder of how cute their little prints were! As an alternative, hand or footprints can be taken from birth. This is an ideal and totally special Christmas present.

Price: £50

Available from Cutie Keepsakes

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