Nursing Pillow by Poco Baby – Elephants

Nursing pillows are an amazing help when feeding, should you be bottle or breast feeding the firm but comfortable nursing pillow is wrapped around your waist to raise your baby to a comfortable height for feeding, this will easy strain on your back and arms making feed times more enjoyable for you and baby.

Use the Poco nursing pillow whilst pregnant, to relive pressure when sleeping you can place the pillow between your knees and ankles. Use the Poco pillow when sitting for long periods of time by placing the pillow around your waist, you will find this a great back support.

There is no better sitting aid than a multi purpose nursing pillow, when your baby begins to sit unaided the nursing pillow can be used as a sitting aid. Simply sit baby deep within the curve of the pillow and he has all he needs to develop his sitting skills safety (only to be used as a sitting aid when baby can fully support his head)

Price: £19.99

Available from Poco Baby

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