Giant Novelty Solid Oak Scrabble Letters Wall Art

Scrabble wall art from £8.25* per tile. Plus orders over 10 tiles include free postage**!

Did you know scrabble pieces used to be made from wood? We have created our own unique take on the traditional scrabble piece with our very own extra large version.

Our giant scrabble is available in 2 sizes; Medium (90 x 90mm solid thick oak) or Large (110 x 110mm solid thick oak)

Plus why not get a wooden scrabble rack to go with your tiles, perfect for displaying on a shelf or table and can even be mounted to the wall:
Beautiful Giant Scrabble Tile Wack – Wall Mountable Scrabble Holder

Made from thick solid oak, the lettering and small numbers are engraved and then painted black and the whole tile given a coat of oil to bring it alive.

Very strong double sided foam tape is provided with each tile.
This is attached to the top and bottom of each tile or can be supplied separately for you to attach as you wish.

If you require bespoke sized tiles please don’t hesitate to email us for a no obligation quote at: [email protected]

*1-9 tiles for £9.50 each Large, £9.25 each Medium
10-19 tiles for £9.00 each Large, £8.75 each Medium
20-26 tiles for £8.50 each Large, £8.25 each Medium


Price: from £8.25 each

Available from Bramble Signs

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