Family 36 Piece Times Table Dining Set

36 exquisite Times Table Pieces: 12 Plates, 12 Bowls, and 12 Beakers each featuring a different one of the 12 Times Tables characters ‘the Multiples’.

These unique plates, bowls and beakers help children learn all their times tables in a relaxed and social environment with family and friends.

Children get involved with the characters and absorb their tables almost unconsciously, even those who have shown no particular interest before. With this fun set, children can easily learn their tables which will benefit them for life. The sense of achievement they feel from this will encourage them to go on confidently to other areas of maths.

A Times Tables Family Set makes a perfect and educational present for Birthdays, Christmas or Christenings and an ideal gift for parents, grandparents or godparents to give to children or to have at home.

Lots of schools love them, including Prince William and Harry’s old prep school, Wetherby: “I would highly recommend these plates to both families and schools…. there cannot be a better way to learn your tables” Headteacher

Please note that the product photographs are indicative of the Times Tables included in each set not the actual piece that will have that number on it when we send the products to you: so the x9 character pictured on the plate in the Year 4 set might instead be on the bowl or the beaker when you receive your purchase.

Price: £139.00

Available from Times Tables Plates

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