Bunny Rabbit Light – Mrs Kiko Hop

We’re happy to welcome our bunny rabbit light, Mrs Kiko Hop back from her teaching on an island in the East. Furthermore, her cheeks glow with pride when she’s on!

She’s made of tough stuff!

We use wood harvested from well-managed forests (FSC) in addition to a durable, soft and light fabric in grey stone. All our fabrics are Kona organic cottons, dyed without using any toxic nasties, which means that Mrs Hop is a friend of the earth. Finally, we hand-embroider her to make her stand out from the crowd.

She brings light into the world.

A warm LED light sits Inside Mrs Kiko Hop; which means that she is an ideal housemate if you are looking for a cosy glow. UK plug with USB port gives her power. The white cable is 150 cm and has an inline switch. Brexit or no Brexit she is fully CE marked so she’ll treat you right!

She recognises no borders. (Lumières sans frontières.)

If you are outside the UK simply replace the UK 3-pin plug with your local equivalent, using the USB connector. Our lights are suitable for voltages ranging from 110V – 230V and as a result there is no need to use a voltage convertor.

18.5cm x 27cm x 10cm


Price: £48.00

Available from House of Clouds

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