Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week: Week Thirteen

The second trimester is approaching! Your baby is now about the size of an egg, around 7.5cm long.


Your Baby

Tiny fingerprints are forming on her fingers and she might even start to suck her thumb around now.

This week your baby’s lungs are developing and she’ll start to take her first few breaths. Her kidneys are functioning and any amniotic fluid your baby swallows, she will wee out.

If you’re having a girl, her ovaries have now finished developing, and if you’re having a boy, his testicles are now formed. But it will be too early to see these details on your dating scan although you can have a guess!

Your baby only sleeps for a few minutes at a time at this stage. Later in pregnancy, she’ll start sleeping for longer stretches, and you may notice a pattern.


Have you thought about where you want to give birth? Your midwife might have explained the different options during your booking appointment. The choices that you have will depend on what’s available in your area and whether you have any health complications. For example, those placed at high risk may not be able to give birth at a midwife-led centre.

If you haven’t started doing pelvic floor exercises yet, then try to start this week. These muscles help in birth, and reduce the chance of bladder issues afterwards. Squeeze for up to 10 seconds, 20 times a day – try when brushing your teeth!

Your clothes are probably feeling a little tighter. If you haven’t bought any new outfits yet, perhaps treat yourself to a shopping trip so you can pick up some essentials that will see you through the rest of your pregnancy. Now’s a good time with that extra energy! Particularly important are good-fitting bras: your breast size is likely to increase a size or two. Some say that it’s best to avoid underwired bras in case they damage the growth of breast tissue.

You may feel up to being more active as you approach the second trimester. Take it easy if you’re not used to doing a lot of exercise – now’s not the time to take up a high intensity programme! But there are plenty of other ways to keep active. Walking is free and can be done anytime. Find out what’s happening in your area – go for a swim or look into pregnancy yoga classes.


Your partner

Fancy a last couple’s holiday before baby arrives, or just a few days where you can relax together and enjoy a day out? If you plan to fly, check the policies of the airline and your travel insurer before you book.

The effects of pregnancy can take its toll on your relationship. You may find that what with everything to prepare for, and lots of changes looming, you’re both lacking energy. If you end up arguing more than before, that’s perfectly normal – but make sure you talk to your partner to understand or explain the issues.

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