Your pregnancy week-by-week: week fifteen

Now the size of an orange, at 11.5cm long, your baby is growing quickly. She weighs around the same as a chicken’s egg.

Your baby

By this week, your little one will have ears on either side of her head and her eyes. Even though they remain shut, she can now register bright light. Her legs will be growing longer than her arms, and skeletal and muscle development will continue.

Your baby will be able to hear muffled sounds from the ‘outside world’: noises from your digestive system, and the sound of your voice and heart.

Around this time, your baby might start to get hiccups. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not be able to feel the flutters until later on in your second trimester.


The second trimester tends to be the most enjoyable time of pregnancy. Your bump is fairly small so it’s easy to move around, and increased hormone levels are making you feel good.

You’ll probably be gaining some weight now as the baby grows bigger. ‘Eating for two’ is a good excuse for having further treats but unfortunately your body doesn’t require a lot more calories, only around 200 extra a day. That’s probably about as much as an extra slice of bread.

You may be experiencing a few irritating side effects of pregnancy: feeling bunged up, or suffering from nosebleeds due to the increased blood flow to the membranes in your nose. The increase in blood volume means you are more prone to dehydration so remember to drink lots of water.  If you suffer from heartburn, another common side-effect, try eating several smaller meals each day.

Putting your feet up regularly will help to stop your feet and ankles swelling, plus reduce the pressure from varicose veins (brought on by pregnancy).

Your partner

Your baby will be able to hear your voices now so you can chat and sing to them.

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